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Payment methods

Payment is made before or upon delivery of the products and can be made in one of the following ways:

cash on delivery: Upon delivery of the products, you pay the employee of the courier company who will bring the order to you. (The additional charge amounts to €1.90). Cash on delivery is valid for orders up to 10 kg. For orders over ten kilos, one of the remaining payment methods must be selected.
There is no cash on delivery option if you choose to ship with Box Now.

by debiting your credit card: To ensure the absolute security of electronic transactions through credit cards, they are done through the Alpha Bank security system. By choosing the card as a payment method, the customer is automatically transferred to the secure payment page of the Alpha e-Commerce service. Information about the card (card number, CVV2/CVC2, expiry date) is transmitted / transferred via the Internet in an encrypted form (SSL 128-bit encryption) and is not accessible from our online store. It is also possible to pay using the MasterPass MasterPass e-wallet

bank account deposit: You can choose one of the following banks to deposit the amount of your order:

ALPHA BANK Account IBAN: GR9601408300830002002014693
BANK OF PIRAEUS IVAN Account: GR7901715960006596140756395
EUROBANK IBAN Account: GR7102602310000010201085514
NATIONAL BANK IVAN Account: GR6601103250000032500555498


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For reasons of deposit, always include your order number and your full name. When the deposit is made by any other bank, Greek or foreign, any costs of the transaction are borne exclusively by the customer and under no circumstances by
If the deposit is not made within 3 days, then your order is automatically cancelled.